Bamboo Sushi & The Nature Conservancy

When Bamboo Sushi, a restaurant devoted to sustainable fishing and marine management, opened a new location on NW 23rd Ave., in Portland, Oregon it wanted to create a setting that connected people to the sea and shared the business’s commitment to conservation. Combining ambiance with education, Ink Dwell painted a pair of murals to tell Bamboo Sushi’s story.

To celebrate the restaurant’s conservation efforts with The Nature Conservancy in the Bahamas, Ink Dwell created, in the 110-person dining room, a 22’ x 13’ mural depicting the food chain of the Caribbean’s apex predator, the tiger shark. Beneath it, swim the sea creatures that compose a healthy ecosystem—and a healthy tiger shark’s diet: a barracuda, Nassau grouper, spider crab, black sea urchin, copepods, dinoflagellates, diatoms, and finally algae.

A second mural, an interpretive wavescape, was inspired by topographic lines on a map and the movement of water on the ocean surface.

“It blends high-quality, scientific illustration with touches of modern art…a feast for even the most passive gawker.”
– Sustainable Business Oregon

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Ink Dwell also created a companion piece for The Nature Conservancy’s Bahamas chapter. The interpretive display, with a light box that pulses at three knots, the average current speed in the area, and is housed at Nassau’s cruise ship terminal, which sees more than three million annual visitors.